Meet Little Greg

Well, you know what happens when you go “just to look” at an animal shelter? You inevitably come home with a new baby animal.

Not even two weeks ago, my sweet Trixie passed away (you can read her story here). In all honesty, I did not want a new puppy. I only wanted Trixie. And so this time, I took the “only looking” principle seriously. Even as I turned the corner and saw little Greg sitting alone in his cage there was no immediate connection. I believed I could withstand his warm puppy eyes. However, my mom convinced me to ask the shelter volunteers to take him out and meet him. I thought he was adorable, but the memory of Trixie was so freshly raw in my mind that I could not bring myself to say “yes” to this puppy.

And yet the longer we played with him, the more I fell in love with him. He was so happy and I could not possibly put him back in that cold, cemented floor kennel! Everyone kept asking me, “So, is this the one?” I honestly could not make a coherent decision. Finally, my mom made the decision for me and the next thing I knew, we were headed home, a little puppy on my lap.


2018-03-06 08.14.21 1.jpg

That is the story of Greg, our newest family addition. He is a bundle of energy, loves chewing shoes, and is quickly learning his “potty spot” in the backyard. He was labeled a Lab mix and we guess he has some Golden Retriever and possibly Chow in him.

When he finally arrived home, Greg ran around like crazy, sniffing extra hard in all of Trixie’s old favorite spots. He ate his dinner out of Trixie’s food bowls. This morning he excitedly found one of Trixie’s old, forgotten rawhide bones outside. It is bitter-sweet, but mostly undeservedly sweet.

I thank God for this new bundle of fresh air. We already love little Greg so much!

28 Replies to “Meet Little Greg”

  1. I saw this post in my inbox and was like I bet Faye got a new dog! I didn’t read your post on your other pup dying, and I’m so so sorry to hear about that. 😭💛I’m so happy that God provided and gave you a new lil puppy!!!!😍

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    1. Amen and amen! That is exactly what I need to hear. I definitely did not know I needed little Greg so much in my life until we brought him home. Yes, I miss my Trixie but I finally have some of my joy back! ❤ Thank you for the encouragement.

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    1. Isn’t he though?!

      Trixie was my first dog (I begged for her when I was 8 years old). And so losing her was especially hard. She was such a good girl!

      But I am so thankful that God brought Greg into our lives. He’s such a sweet little guy (though quite a handful! Lol!). He doesn’t take the place of Trixie, but I do already love him so much. ❤

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    1. Yes, he is so adorable! And he has a great personality to back up his looks. ❤ I will definitely keep everyone posted. Thank you for your comment. ❤

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    1. He already has! I do miss my Trixie, but this guy is growing on me more and more. He’s been my little shadow. So thankful God brought Little Greg into our family. ❤

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  2. I’m so happy for you and little Greg! He is so cute! 😍 I completely get what you are saying though. Trixie will always have a place in your heart, but now your heart is growing to include a place for little Greg too. 🙂

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