The Power of Communication

This week I have been learning the art of communication.

In other words, I have been learning how shallow our words and actions can be. For instance, many Christians say, “I’m praying for you” when the reality is, they are not.

“I’m praying for you” can be synonymous with “I have better things to do” or, “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, but…”

Such a beautiful thing– prayer and the power of prayer– can become yet another Christian cliché.

At that rate, why say “I’m Praying for you”? How is it any more comforting than someone commenting on your Facebook post, “Sending hugs”, or “Wishing good vibes”?

The power of communication is this: with everything we say or do, we are communicating. We are bringing value (or de-value) and meaning to something or someone. Communication without meaning is pointless.

Yesterday evening I was exhausted. It was 11:30pm. It had been a big, busy day and I was cold and tired. To be honest, I felt like a complete mess.

I stepped onto the elevator and gave a slight, tired smile to the girl already standing inside. The girl smiled back and said, “I was sitting behind you during a class earlier today, right? I remember because I couldn’t help but be envious of your beautiful hair!”

To be honest, I was kind of speechless. Didn’t she see me– I was a mess, right?!

I managed a little laugh and then said, “Thank you so much! That’s so sweet!”

“Of course! I mean it!” I gave a big smile and thanked her again as I stepped off the elevator onto my floor.

I couldn’t help but think just how much joy that little compliment gave me.


Words are flung around constantly.

Words can identify us (time and time again Satan’s lies will become what I perceive is my identity!).

Words can destroy us from the inside out.

Words can be beautiful tools.

Words can be ugly vices.

Our communication is vital because, often, it affects everything we do. And most importantly, it affects every person we come in contact with.

This week as I began to comfort a peer by telling her, “I’ll be praying for you,” I caught myself. After listening to her story a little more deeply, I thought carefully about my next words.

“You know… I have a prayer journal. I write down the name of every person I know who asks for prayer. And then, I’m not perfect at it, but I try to pray through that list every single day. I’m going to write down your name and need on that list and I will actually be praying for you.”

It’s a challenge for me, personally, to actually mean what I say. How easy it is to throw out comments like, “I’m praying for you”, or “We should go out for coffee” or even “I love you” and never actually mean it.

But my goal this week and from now on is to actually mean what I say. To be a communicator of God’s grace, love, and truth.

What if we all took the time to actually invest in the lives of one another? What if we actually mean what we say or do?

As a closing thought, let us read these beautiful, humbling words by C.S. Lewis: “Love is unselfishly choosing for another’s highest good.”

We are carriers of the Good News, we are a light on a hill. Let us unselfishly communicate for God’s glory!

Feel free to comment below, I would love to hear from you!


15 Replies to “The Power of Communication”

  1. Faye, this was SOO good, and it was something I’d been convicted about recently… thank you so much for this!!!!!! How often I say “I’m praying for you” and never actually get around to it, or really only do it once… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! ❤ ❤

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